Beanfields 2015 PBC Statement

Beanfields’ public benefit is to provide nutritious, plant-based, certified gluten-free, kosher, and Non-GMO Project verified alternatives to mainstream snacks.  We feature beans and other members of the pulse family to offer healthy and sustainable sources of protein and fiber while striving to avoid ingredients from the top eight food allergens identified by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Beanfields’ public benefit also includes serving as an example of kinder business relations with all stakeholders. Beanfields employs controlled growth, values-centered business practices based on the evolving “B-Corporation” model as our guiding philosophy.

Beanfields Snacks, a family-owned company, has been a certified B Corp since 2013. Beanfields is one of the fastest growing businesses in the better-for-you snack category and the only one in the top ten that’s a B Corp. Beanfields makes seven flavors of tortilla chips from a blend of beans and brown rice. Beanfields Chips are always vegan, gluten-free, kosher, Non-GMO verified and allergy friendly. Beanfields is on a mission to combine great taste, better nutrition, and social good.

Beanfields promotes the benefits of beans, one of the most sustainable and healthful protein sources on Earth. Beans (also called pulses) are Beanfields’ number one ingredient in every snack. Beans are by far the most water-efficient major protein source. Bean crop production lowers agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions, producing half the total energy inputs of other protein-producing crops! (The American Pulse Association) Beanfields mission spreads the good news about beans! This news has caused the United Nations to declare 2016 “The Year of the Pulse.”

In 2016, Beanfields redesigned its packaging with the B Corp logo on the front and the B Corp motto, “using business as a force for good” above it. The logo and motto appear on our USA & Canadian packaging.

We also switched all our company banking from a conventional bank to New Resource Bank, a certified B Corp headquartered in Northern California. That means that now, all our financial services are done by B Corps. That includes banking, accounting, corporate law, and investment banking.

Now Beanfields faces the challenges of growing from a well-loved natural foods brand to a familiar snack available in mainstream chains. Some giant grocery retailers already feature Beanfields Chips in select stores. As Beanfields moves toward becoming a household name, we bring our B Corp message with us. Our snacks taste good, and they also do good. Our seven flavors have something for everyone, from the child with allergies, to the teenager who loves spicy food and needs more protein, to the mom struggling to get her kids to eat better, to the busy professional, to the senior. Everybody needs something they can eat on the go— why not something with more nutrition and more social good?