All of Beanfields Bean and Rice snacks are vegan, not by accident, but on purpose. Even our Nacho and Jalapeño Nacho chips do not contain dairy as an ingredient and are perfect for vegan diets.

Plant-based diets also can do a lot to help the environment. Even if you eat plant-based food for breakfast and lunch, and still eat animal products at dinner, or go vegan one day a week, you’re doing a lot for the environment and raising people’s awareness. The good news is that even with the population increasing, we have the ability to produce good food for everyone on our planet, but we can’t do that as long as we continue to over-consume animal products. Lowering our consumption is essential to slowing the rise in greenhouse gasses and providing clean water for all people on Earth.

What you eat and what you feed your family- these are highly personal choices. Yet almost everybody is now interested in alternatives to meat that are less expensive, more convenient, healthier, and kinder. That means a very different relationship with the animals we use for food, if we use them at all. At Beanfields, we do our part by providing a yummy, convenient and plant-based snack with 5 grams of protein. It’s a perfect transition food for all you budding vegans out there!